Stonecrest Construction Pty Ltd

BRN: 101791


Stonecrest Construction Pty Ltd  BRN 101791 is a bespoke building contractor specialising in renovations, extensions and additions in Perth Western Australia.

We are not a project builder we work with you to design and create the home of your dreams.  Why move when we can create the home of your dreams, let our architects and designers work with you to achieve the home you really want.  Unlike others we do not charge like a wounded bull, we will work with you and your budget.



Helen langley says:

I have built a number of houses over the years but I have never come across a builder who was so totally invested in a project. Dave took pride in his work and great attention to detail. He regularly consulted me on progress and came up with some excellent design ideas. This meant that Dave and I were able to work in partnership on the project which has resulted in a fantastic outcome for me. Dave’s high standard of workmanship has totally transformed my house from a relic of the early nineties to a beautiful modern, practical home. Since the renovation was completed, all my visitors have been amazed at the transformation. They can hardly believe it is the same house as it is now bright, open & spacious.

Stonecrest Construction have done a fantastic job on my renovation and have been very easy to deal with. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


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